Q: How much time do I need to give you to prepare my order?

A: Short answer, as much time as humanly possible because I'm only human. I do things right from scratch. People joke, “GEE! Did you grow the wheat yourself?!” Seriously, don't tempt me because one day I will grow my own wheat! With that said, basic things (Bread, {cup}cakes that aren't fancy, pies, etc), take 24-48 hours. The more complex (Birthday cakes or anything with fondant work) require a MINIMUM of 2 WEEKS notice because fondant needs time to dry in order to be placed and sit properly. The super complex items like wedding cakes require 6 MONTHS of planning. I like to make sure people are happy, so if you forget that your kid's birthday is this weekend and today is Monday, I will TRY to do the absolute best I can with the time available!


Q: Are you a peanut/nut free bakery?

A: No. I use peanut butter and other nuts in my kitchen and while I do sterilize everything to code, I cannot ensure that there would be no reaction as certain people are severely allergic.

Q: How much do I need to order to have you deliver to me and how does it work?

A: If you live inside the village of Milverton, ON. there is no minimum to purchase.  If you live outside of Milverton (Ie.The rest of Perth County), the minimum purchase is $20 and a $10 delivery fee.  I will deliver all your food to your doorstep (Or whichever location you state).  If you are not home, please ensure a safe drop point or leave it with a family/friend until you can get to it if you will not be home.  If there's a specific time that works best for you to meet me face to face, I will try my hardest to make that happen!

Q: Can I pick up my order?

A: I will allow pickups, but on the condition that you understand I hold no liabilities for slips, falls, or any other injury that may occur on my property.  If you have accessibility issues, I will leave your goodies in a place that you can get to them without having any hardships.  I am not responsible for your order once you have it within your possession.  I will give you strict instruction as to how to get your cake to your location in a safe manner, but once it's out of my hands, it's out of my hands.  If you feel like this may not be for you after you select the pick up option, please let me know ASAP and I will make arrangements to deliver (fee extra) your goodies to you!  Your pickup window is YOUR pickup window.  If you're going to be late, please message me right away to let me know.  If you're late without warning (30 minutes or more), you may not be able to get your goodies and will be charged a late fee of $20!!

Q: Do you give discounts?

A: Absolutely not under no circumstances will I ever give discounts.  I feel that my work is of a professional standard and my goodies are worth well above what I already charge.  I spend a lot of time creating, perfecting and retesting my products.  I do tend to charge less than what most store front bakeries charge, only because I don't have the same overhead a store front has.  Please respect me and my work by not asking if I will give you a discount.  If you cannot respect that policy, I will not do business with you.


Q: What makes you so different from any other bakery?

A: Everything I make is MADE TO ORDER. That means you control what you get and not other people dictating based on how much of a product I make. No need to get to me at 7AM to ensure you get a loaf of bread or donuts. You can also customize your items! Don't like nutmeg, but can't get enough of cinnamon? Easy! When you order you can PM or Email me ahead of time to see what will work and what won't work in a recipe. I love “Talking shop”, so trust me, you're not being “Annoying” or “Needy” by asking me a million questions about food.  People often ask me to reproduce things they've seen on the internet "Hey!  Did you see that video for...??".  So, while I do have a menu, I'm more than happy to try to recreate what you've seen!  Plus, you don't have to do the dishes after or clean up a messy kitchen!  That's what I call WINNING!  Orders are not individual portions, but an entire recipe.  If you find that you have left overs from what you purchased and are not able to eat it all in one sitting before spoilage will set in, you may place it in the freezer to enjoy later on!  I can't say this happens often, but, hey, we all "Diet" from time to time, right?! ;)  The same goes for YOUR family recipes!  There are a lot of people out there who miss their mom's/grandma's, etc baking and just don't have the knack for making things.  It would be my absolute honour to make these things for you and help give you some nostalgia for your loved ones!  Your family recipe is safe with me and will remain a secret from the rest of the world because, after all, most of my recipes have been handed down so I understand the importance!

Q: How does ordering food monthly work? Won't it all spoil?

A: Most of my foods can be frozen and taken out as needed. There is no need to refrigerate any of my foods as they are all compliant with the Huron-Perth District Health Unit's definition of non hazardous foods (Food that doesn't need to be in the fridge to prevent spoilage). Monthly subscribers receive a discount on all their orders and may take ONE month off per year from ordering. If a member takes off more than ONE month, they will be disqualified from the program. The minimum order amount to become a member is $40/month.


Q: I really love cream cheese frosting and want it on my cake!

A: I am unable to make cream cheese frosting out of my home kitchen because it requires refrigeration, but I love it too!


Q: Do you also make meals that I can have in my freezer and pull out when I want to eat them?

A: I can do this for you, but I have to rent a separate kitchen which costs money (Unless you have a kitchen you know of that complies with the HPHU). The cost of meal making is the cost of groceries + $20/hour + Kitchen rental fee. Everything will arrive frozen unless otherwise specified.  A deposit will be required for this service.


Q: When can I order from you and how do I do that?

A: As a one time customer, you may order any time you wish (Given the proper amount of time to make whatever it is you would like). If you're interested in becoming a monthly member, all orders are due by the 20th of each month to ensure I have enough time to make everything. Delivery of the orders will take place in the order they arrive to me to ensure freshness of your items. I can also freeze items of your choosing after they are prepared to make transitioning them easier for you, you'll just need to make sure that you have a cooler available for me to drop off into if you won't be home on delivery day. To order, simply email HeathersNosh@Gmail.com with your list of items and I will return your email ASAP with an invoice to show you that I have everything you've requested and the final total of said items. If you have any special requests, allergies or anything else worth mentioning, please make sure to include all of that information. Food contains allergens and I want to ensure your happiness and also safety!  I accept e-transfers, stripe and paypal!  Simply use HeathersNosh@Gmail.com to transfer your funds once you've ordered (select the cash or credit option at checkout)!


Q: How do I know you're not just some weird chick baking me food all willy nilly?

A: I've spent a lot of time becoming registered with the HPHU as well as being regularly inspected by them, I have also been inspected by the Perth East Fire Department and have the approval of the Perth East building enforcement. If you're unsure of anything to do with my business, please do not hesitate to ask to see proper paperwork that shows that I've been inspected by the HPHU on a regular basis! I take absolutely no offense to asking!  You should know where your food comes from and that it's safe for everyone to consume!

Q: Do you use real/whole ingredients (Butter)?

A: YES! Want to hear me go on a long winded rant? Ask me about margarine.  I also use unbleached all-purpose flour.  I do not use organic products, but if you're willing to add to the extra cost, I certainly do not mind baking with those products!

Q: You say gluten free, but...?

A:  The items that state gluten free on my menu are made with alternative flours.  That being said, I still use a lot of wheat flour in my kitchen and do not feel comfortable saying that there would be no wheat contamination because of this.  If you're looking for gluten free, but do not have an ailment preventing you from eating wheat products, you'll be safe.  Those who do have autoimmune issues, I would suggest finding a completely gluten free bakery to avoid complications!  I really don't want to risk anyone having a reaction to my food!

Q: I really want X, Y, Z, but I don't see it on your list of items...can I bug you to make me special stuff?

A: ABSOLUTELY YES! This is one of the benefits of having me bake for you instead of a traditional style bakery. I love trying new recipes and making things special for people, so please do ask me if there's something close to your heart that you really want! It would be my pleasure!  Send me the link on Facebook to the video you saw and I'll let you know if it's possible for me to make it for you!  The same goes for your family's recipes!  Had a favorite cookie that grandma used to make, but you just can't seem to nail it?  Send it t me and I'll try my hardest to give that memory back to you!

Q: How do I pay you?

A: Send an E-Transfer to HeathersNosh@Gmail.com at the time you place your order (select cash OR CREDIT on checkout).  If you've forgotten to add an item to your order, let me know ASAP and I will adjust your invoice to reflect the changes you've made (as long as there's enough time to do so).  All monies shall be collected prior to delivery.  No money, no cookies!  I also PayPal!  Simply use HeathersNosh@Gmail.com to transfer your funds once you've ordered!  If you've made a deposit on food, please be aware that it is non-refundable after 24 hours of booking.

Q: Are you ok with doing things a little more...vulgar and obscene?

A: Yes! Just ask and we will have a ton of fun planning whatever things you would like for a bachelorette party, birthday, or just for fun!  I'm 420 friendly, so if you want that theme, please let me know!  I do NOT make food with marijuana at this time.